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Wallet payment solutions

Help you build your own digital asset payment platform.

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Solution descriptions

A comprehensive digital asset payment system based on blockchain technology helps merchants build their own digital asset payment platform. The system can connect digital asset issuers, platform parties with digital asset payment needs and individual users, open the direct exchange and circulation link between digital assets and legal assets of each country, create a convenient payment method, and realize the landing application of the practical scenario of digital asset.

There are the following solutions
  • Limited usage scenarios, difficult to circulate
  • High charges
  • Single payment asset

Advantages of the solution

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    Full coverage of
    usage scenarios

    Break the restrictions of traditional payment settlement and the full coverage of scenarios is applicable to all kinds of merchants receiving digital asset payments from users all over the world in all industries.

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    Lower charges

    Solve the problem of higher charges of traditional payment settlement methods, and help merchants and users to address the extra charges by not charging transaction fees when conducting internal asset movement.

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    Perception-free operating experience

    Digital assets and national legal assets can be exchanged in real time. The operation is simple and convenient so that merchants and users can perform perception-free operations, meeting the needs of users in all aspects.

Application Scenarios

Digital asset
project parties

Digital assets issued by project parties can be widely circulated through the coin payment system and bepaid, settled, exchanged and used in large quantities throughout the payment scenarios. Increasing the usage rate and recognition of digital assets contributs to the increase of asset value.