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  • Enterprise-level.
  • Digital asset management system.
  • Safety, stability and zero accidents.

Full Coverage Of Products And Terminals

Udun Enterprise

Decentralized management solutions for encrypted assets for digital asset trading platforms, payment platforms, financial derivative business platforms, etc.

Udun Boss

Co-management of all currencies is supported to help enterprises manage large assets safely and efficiently.

Udun PRO

With new anti-demolition and anti-tampering design, it can effectively protect the hardware from physical attacks.The fully sealed and solid metal body can effectively protect the entire hardware from physical intrusion. In addition, it is dust and water resistant to IP67 for durability.

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Quick access to Udun Wallet

It provides varied API interfaces, such as deposit, withdrawal, address generation, etc. Public key derivation technology is supported. It makes sure that private keys never be exposed to the network, stops hackers from invading and prevents insiders from stealing coins.


  • All tokens supported
  • Unified management of multiple tokens and addresses
  • Dual mode of withdrawal :audit and review
  • System payment on behalf and automatic token release
  • One-click assembly of multiple assets and addresses
  • One-click assignment of multiple employees and permissions
  • Trade inquiries and notifications


  • Api interface information access verification and secure transmissi- on based on HTTPS refuse to be monitored.
  • The public key generates the address. The private key is not uploa- ded and exposed to the network, which is hosted in the client thro- ugh secondary encryption.
  • Pure cold operation with HKS hardware
  • Multi-wallet combination, deposit and withdrawal separation
  • Wallet binding owner's MAC address denies access to non-authenti- cated devices
  • Hot and cold wallets are separated and large assets are kept offline with cold wallets


  • One-click to set employee operating permissions for administrators
  • One-click access to employee operating records for administrators
  • Employees only have access to micro independent sub-wallets
  • Over-transfer transactions require administrator's review
  • Employees need administrator's permission to login their Udun acc- ounts on computers which are not designated by the company


  • Standard interface
  • Open API for fast access to deposit and withdrawal of mainstream tokens
  • Multilingual SDK
  • Detailed interface documentation for quick integration
  • 7*24 hours technical support

Udun Wallet, on the way

Safe and stable operation 1000 days. Our users cover China, Hong Kong China, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, Canada and other countries and regions, and we currently have hundreds of active corporate users. The average daily trading volume of users amounts to tens of millions of USDT, and the total assets under management amount to hundreds of millions of USDT.

Total trading assets


Total assets under management


Global customers


Safe and stable operation time

1000+ days

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