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Wallet access solutions

Help exchanges, games, malls and other platforms to safely and quickly access digital assets, allowing project teams to focus more on their core services.

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Solution descriptions

With years of deep technical cultivation and experience in the field of blockchain, as well as in-depth research on business, we launch an enterprise-level wallet management system with security as the core, fast access and low cost, and it is combined with business. It helps exchange platforms to access blockchain wallets safely and quickly, realizing user registration address generation, user deposit callback, user withdrawal of one-click audit and approval and asset security storage management, etc.

There are the following solutions
  • Asset security issues
  • High access costs and time-consuming
  • Few tokens supported and simple functionality
  • Complex operation and high threshold

Advantages of the solution

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    Multiple security
    risk-control strategies

    The wallet adopts a combination of hot and cold wallets, private key secondary encryption, login SMS verification, device IP authorization, the limit of single transaction and single day, audit and review and other security risk-control models, ensuring the absolute safety of assets with Udun PRO.

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    Rapid deployment
    and access

    It provides integrated solutions, including rapid deployment of projects, rapid access to standardized API interfaces, multiple service models, 7*24 hours customer service support, follow-up maintenance, etc., so that enterprise users can focus on the operation and management of their own industry.

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    All tokens

    Udun Wallet supports over 30 main chains such as BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, and tokens of ERC20 series , etc. And more and more tokens are constantly added to support merchants to sell tokens independently.